Niloufar Bahadorifar was the conduit for money used to hire a private detective who shadowed journalist Masih Alinejad

The authorities have said they are continuing to investigate the plot against Ms. Alinejad, which the F.B.I. disrupted and exposed in 2021, and another, more recent threatening event that also appeared aimed at the journalist. In July, a man was arrested after he was found with a loaded AK-47-style assault rifle outside Ms. Alinejad’s Brooklyn home. The man, Khalid Mehdiyev, had been behaving suspiciously near the house for two days, and he was later stopped by New York City police officers after failing to obey a stop sign, according to a criminal complaint filed in Federal District Court in Manhattan. What Set tWitch Apart as a Dancer? His Generous Spirit. The police found a suitcase on the rear seat of Mr. Mehdiyev’s car containing the assault rifle with an obscured serial number, the complaint said. The rifle had a round in the chamber and a magazine attached, along with a second magazine and about 66 rounds of ammunition, according to the complaint.

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December 16, 2022 | 12:07 am