New Sareh Nouri Wedding Dresses, New York-based bridal Collections

Sareh Nouri’s newest “Southern Charm” collection is inspired by the southern bride. The line feels classic and timeless with a flair and taste for modern styling. Spring blooms are the inspiration for many pieces that feature beautiful lace detailing, while the Sareh Nouri’s signature draping brings a whimsical and elegant charm to many gowns within the collection. When Sareh Nouri was young, she would have loved it if you’d told her that she’d grow up to design her own bridal collection. She was enthralled with wedding gowns. In fact, at her nuptials in 2009, her father joked in his speech about her ongoing obsession with wedding gowns. So perhaps it’s fate that the search for her own dress is what really set her down the path to create her own line.

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April 18, 2022 | 5:24 pm