Negar Ghazi Mirsaid’s Remarkable Career Transformation: A Journey of Leadership and Virtue Unveiled


Negar Ghazi Mirsaid, the former television presenter and host of the Sin like series, has undergone a fascinating career transformation. This journey unveils not only shifts in his professional roles but also sheds light on his commitment to leadership and virtue.

In a surprising turn of events, Negar Ghazi Mirsaid, the former television presenter and host of the Sin like series on Channel One, has recently captivated audiences by revealing a new chapter in his life. The young presenter, known for his role on the small screen, has undergone a remarkable transformation, shedding light on his journey and experiences in the world of media.

Ghazi Mirsaid entered the realm of radio and television at a tender age of 17, showcasing his talent through an exam organized by the Young Journalists Club. His initiation into the field led him to the sprouts news section, where he spent a significant part of his adolescence. For nearly seven years, he served as the news anchor for Jawaneha, delivering political news concurrently on Jam Jam channel.

As his career progressed, Ghazi Mirsaid transitioned from the political vice president to the role of Cima vice president. Notably, he spearheaded a sports program on Sima, where he played the dual role of author and presenter, with Peyman Yousefi serving as the producer. Following this, he delved into the realm of news, eventually stepping into the shoes of Azadeh Namdari as both the performer and producer for a brief period.

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December 15, 2023 | 7:35 pm