Negar Estakhr: A Dynamic Force in Iranian Puppetry and the Performing Arts


Negar Estakhr, born in 1349 in Shiraz, Iran, is a renowned stage and costume designer, puppeteer, and actor. With a diverse range of talents and a successful career spanning several decades, Estakhr has made significant contributions to the world of puppetry and the performing arts. This article will delve into her background, achievements, and the impact she has had on Iranian culture.

In addition to her artistic achievements, Negar Estakhr recently celebrated a significant milestone in her personal life—the graduation of her daughter in the United States. This joyous occasion marked a new chapter in her daughter’s life and filled Estakhr with pride and happiness.

The graduation ceremony was a culmination of years of hard work and dedication. Estakhr’s daughter, whose name has not been disclosed, successfully completed her studies, earning a degree that will undoubtedly open doors to exciting opportunities and a promising future. The proud mother took to social media to share her joy, posting heartfelt messages and photographs from the memorable event.

The photos published by Negar Estakhr on the occasion of her daughter’s graduation captured the essence of the milestone. Smiles filled the frames as Estakhr and her daughter posed together, radiating happiness and excitement. The images showcased the bond between mother and daughter, reflecting the love, support, and guidance that Estakhr has provided throughout her daughter’s academic journey.

In one of her social media posts, Estakhr expressed her heartfelt wishes for her daughter’s future. She emphasized her unwavering belief in her daughter’s capabilities and determination, expressing confidence that she would pursue her goals with confidence, knowledge, and the guidance of a higher power. Estakhr’s words conveyed not only her love for her daughter but also her faith in her abilities to navigate the world and achieve success.

The celebration of her daughter’s graduation in the United States holds special significance for Negar Estakhr. It symbolizes the accomplishments and growth of her child, reflecting the values and principles she instilled in her as a parent. Estakhr’s support and encouragement throughout her daughter’s educational journey played an integral role in shaping her daughter’s aspirations and ambitions.

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June 13, 2023 | 9:05 am