Morteza: A Journey of Love, Music, and Artistry

Artistic Pursuits in the United States

In 1981, following the Islamic Revolution in Iran, Morteza made the difficult decision to leave his homeland and relocate to Los Angeles, United States. Despite the challenges he faced, including financial pressures, he remained committed to his passion for music. Morteza immersed himself in Iranian folk music and released two highly acclaimed albums titled “Dayeh Dayeh” (“nanny nanny”) and “Anar Anar” (“pomegranate”).

Amidst the politically charged atmosphere in Iran during the 1980s, Morteza courageously expressed his views through his music. Notably, he recorded a powerful political song titled “Darugheh” (“the sheriff”), penned by Masoud Amini. Morteza’s music resonated with the Iranian diaspora, providing a voice for those yearning for change and freedom.

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June 4, 2023 | 12:31 am