Breaking Boundaries: Mohammad Sadeghi’s Courageous Advocacy for Women’s Rights


The theater and television have always known Mohammad Sadeghi, a famous character for his daredevilry. Born on April 22, 1372, in Tehran, Sadeghis has, from tae kwon do sportsman to actor par excellence, been characterized by an unwavering commitment to individuality and social justice.

Being the child of different ethnic groups consisting of Mazandarani, Babli, and Amol, Sadeghi had a strong appreciation for diversity and inclusion while growing up. Initially, he graduated with an executive management degree, but later he became an outstanding athlete in taekwondo who even reached the national youth team. However, his passion for art led him in a different direction.In his career as an actor, Sadeghi found himself where he belonged the most.

He rose to fame through the Manneken series, where he was Abtin until then; this developed into being considered one of the new promising faces in acting circles. After that, he also featured in the Afra series, which made him gain more recognition as a versatile actor.

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April 2, 2024 | 5:09 pm