Mohammad Ali Shadman published his sister’s photo on social media to support Mahsa Amini 

Mohammad Ali Shadman was born on 24 November 1996 in Ilam. He has a sister named Arina and is the first child in the family. He was first introduced to cinema by Rasoul Mollagholipour and Mohammad Reza Balali, his best friend in the film M for Mother, because of his ability to play the violin. I wish I could tell you: wear whatever you want, think whatever you want, say whatever you want, and live however you want; wherever you go, rest in peace. I wish I could say that all the men of this land are brothers, and that if someone inside or outside the house does not respect your dignity, do not let fear enter your heart; be whatever you want, because it will not reach you until the last drop of our blood is under their boots. We won’t give up I wish we’d see the day when we (men) don’t just play around on our virtual pages and don’t use hashtags! I wish my eyes would be enlightened for a moment that we were “men” for our mothers, sisters, and those we loved, the kind you wanted. My sister, I wish this would be removed from the vocabulary of this country forever.

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September 19, 2022 | 7:27 pm