Modelling tips by Turkish model “Yasemin Şefkatli” in Istanbul

Keep your poses moving and alive, but move slowly. You want to change things about every three seconds. Move a hand, change your posture slightly, change your facial expression. A good model, with years of practice, would do these variations in poses correctly. The most basic model poses are probably the hardest to master. With both shoulders framed squarely in the lens of the camera, images tend to come out flat and boring. It’s up to the model to add depth and life. Tip your head to one side, run a hand through your hair, or move one shoulder closer to the camera. Move one leg behind the other to frame your hips differently, and remember to bend your knees and elbows. All of these things change the look and mood of the final product dramatically.

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October 20, 2021 | 10:46 pm