Mehran Rajabi’s Unconventional Path: Challenges and Shadows in Acting Journey


In the intriguing world of Mehran Rajabi, his journey unfolds from being a teacher to a celebrated actor in Iranian cinema and television. Married to Afsana Kia for many years, Mehran’s story is intertwined with unexpected turns and a passion for acting.

1. The Beginnings:

Mehran Rajabi, formerly a teacher in Karaj schools, discovered his passion for acting quite unexpectedly. It was Reza Mirkarimi, his university classmate, who recognized Mehran’s talent during their university days. This recognition paved the way for Mehran’s entry into the world of television and cinema.

2. Early Productions:

The TV series “Kids of Hammet School” (1375) and the movie “Bazat and Soldier” (1378) marked Mehran Rajabi’s early collaborations with Reza Mirkarimi. His standout performance in “Child and Soldier” earned him a nomination at the prestigious Fajr Festival, a remarkable achievement for a new actor.

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December 23, 2023 | 6:14 pm