Mehdi Ghayedi Announces Divorce: A Resilient New Beginning in Football and Life

In a surprising turn of events, Mehdi Ghayedi, the dynamic forward for the UAE Pro League club Ittihad Kalba and a key player in the Iranian national football team, recently took to Instagram to announce the end of his marriage with Setareh Masoumi. This revelation comes as a significant personal development for the 25-year-old athlete, born on December 5, 1998, in Bushehr, Iran.

Ghayedi’s journey in professional football kicked off in the youth teams of Bushehr Iran Youth Club, progressing through Iranjavan, Esteghlal Bushehr, Shahin Bushehr, and eventually returning to Iranjavan. His impressive performance at the youth level set the stage for a remarkable career, with Ghayedi making a notable impact in the senior squad of Iranjavan during the 2016–17 season, scoring 10 goals.

The pivotal moment in Ghayedi’s career occurred when he signed a three-year contract with Esteghlal on June 8, 2017. Despite facing challenges such as a temporary playing ban imposed by the FFIRI, Ghayedi made a memorable debut for Esteghlal on August 4, 2017, in a 0–0 draw against Esteghlal Khuzestan. His talent and dedication earned him praise, establishing him as the youngest player to represent the club in the league at that time.

Ghayedi continued to shine for Esteghlal, contributing significantly to the team’s victories. However, his journey faced a tragic setback on January 29, 2018, when he was involved in a serious car crash in his hometown of Bushehr. The incident led to surgery, ruling him out for the rest of the season. His teammates dedicated a Hazfi Cup victory to him, showcasing the strong camaraderie within the team.

In August 2021, Ghayedi made a significant move, transferring to Shabab Al Ahli Dubai and signing a five-year contract. His international career also reached new heights, with his debut for Iran’s senior national team against Uzbekistan on October 8, 2020. Ghayedi’s unique style of play, characterized by adept use of the nutmeg skill, adds flair to his contributions on the field.

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March 3, 2024 | 9:38 pm