Many people are envious that the French ambassador and his wife are visiting Zibakalam’s villa in Meygun

“I imagine that if a professor close to the extremists, whose discourse is to defend the status quo, met with the French ambassador, the water would not be shaken and no razors and axes would come out and cause a reaction, but when I have a respectful and normal meeting with an ambassador, many are jealous that who is this beautiful man that the French ambassador and his wife go to his villa in Meygon?” says this reformist figure.And they ask themselves, “Why are we not interested in them?” Therefore, jealousy must be an important part of my destruction project. On the other hand, they generally have a problem with my words and positions, and because they don’t like my words about various issues, they find any excuse, turn on their media artillery, and target me.”

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December 17, 2022 | 10:25 pm