Mansour Bahrami: A Tennis Maverick’s Journey with 10 Unforgettable Moments


Mansour Bahrami, born in Arak on April 26, 1956, embarked on an extraordinary tennis journey that defied odds and showcased his indomitable spirit. From his early days of teaching himself tennis with a metal frying pan to facing the challenges of being a political refugee in France, Bahrami’s story is one of determination and passion.

The Tennis Maverick’s Rise

Bahrami’s early life was marked by resourcefulness, as he ingeniously utilized kitchen utensils to learn tennis. Despite the obstacles posed by the ban on tennis in the wake of the late 1970s Islamic Revolution, his dedication remained unwavering. His triumphant moment came when a local tournament win provided him with a ticket to Athens, eventually leading him to become a political refugee in France.

Struggles and Triumphs in France

Arriving in France, Bahrami faced financial challenges, resorting to gambling in a Nice casino. His savings were lost on the first night, and without a residence permit, he lived as an illegal immigrant. These hardships underscored his commitment to pursuing tennis.

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February 26, 2024 | 7:26 pm