Manouchehr Bibiyan: A Visionary Legacy Shaping Iranian Music and Media

In the realm of Iranian music and media, the name Manouchehr Bibiyan shines as a beacon of innovation and legacy. From Tehran to the United States, his influence resonates deeply. This article delves into his remarkable journey, tracing the footprints he left on the sands of time.

Manouchehr Bibiyan: A Trailblazer’s Genesis

Born in Tehran, Manouchehr Bibiyan was destined for greatness. His insatiable curiosity and creative passion paved the way for his remarkable career. After pursuing education in Tehran and Tel Aviv, his fusion of journalism and music production culminated in the birth of Apollon Music Company in 1954. This marked a turning point, birthing Iranian pop-jazz and providing a nurturing ground for young talents to flourish.

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August 29, 2023 | 10:36 am