Leili Bazargan’s Journey: From Family Legacy to Fame with Shahin Najafi


While her ancestry surely played a role in her initial rise to prominence, it was through Shahin Najafi—aa trailblazer in Iranian rap—tthat she catapulted into stardom. Shahin Najafi, born Morteza Najafipour Moghadam, captivated listeners with his unique style and fearless lyrical content.

Though she’s been rumored to be in talks for film roles, the details of Leili Bazargan’s cinematic debut remain undisclosed. Nevertheless, her notable family ties and growing public profile continue to spark curiosity around what could be on the horizon for the 24-year-old.

Beyond speculation about her professional endeavors, Leili has showcased immense talent and versatility across various mediums. From multimedia journalism to photography, she has built a repertoire that not only brings accolades and increases financial stability but also distinguishes her from artists who may only be known for one thing.

But it’s their love story that continues to capture hearts. The two got engaged at one of Najafi’s concerts in a moment of cinematic romance—aas captured by cameras set up around the event space—wwhen he paused after performing one of their songs together, asked for silence, and proposed. Exchanging rings mid-concert while thousands of fans watched on screen halfway across the world brought chaos backstage but bliss over social media.

With fame has come fascination from people all over the globe about who exactly this young artist is and what they can expect from her next. They want to know how she grew up in Germany, Finland, and Iran; what dreams she harbors; how anyone can be so close with their brother-in-law; how difficult it is to date someone famous; why two adults would exchange rings mid-concert; or even why two adults are getting married at all.

Born into a family entrenched in politics and intellectualism, Leili Bazargan was exposed to big ideas from an early age. Her grandfather, Mehdi Bazargan, for whom the main street in Westwood Village is named, was the first prime minister of Iran. The echoes of that legacy—aand his push for democratic reforms in the country during a period known as the “reformist spring”—reverberated through her upbringing, shaping her worldview.

She also closely watched her father play a role in Iranian politics by contributing to a book on constitutional law that was used to inform the framing of Iran’s Islamic Republic constitution. But those lessons about human rights and justice didn’t stop at home. Growing up with Arya Aramnejad and witnessing him earn death threats for his music taught her early on about abuse of power.

Following in their footsteps, Leili obtained a bachelor’s degree from UC Berkeley before pursuing journalism work that would one day give birth to her relationship with Najafi.

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March 26, 2024 | 3:15 pm