Leila Forouhar and Sahar in the picture

Hedieh Tehrani (born 25 June 1972) is an actress. She is most noted for willingness to play mysterious, stony-faced and cold-hearted women. She began her acting career with Masoud Kimiai’s The King (1996). Sahar Moghadass (born 4 December 1985), known mononymously as Sahar, is a singer, musician and dancer. She is known for her contributions to Persian pop music.Leila Forouhar (born 23 February 1959) is a pop and classical singer. She was a child star, acting from the age of 3. She is one of the most successful women artists in Iranian society. She relocated to next door Turkey in 1986, then to Paris, before emigrating to Los Angeles in 1988.

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December 17, 2021 | 6:30 pm