Kerem Cem Dürük with his girl friend “Gazaleh” in Istanbul

His first composition “Elimde Değil”, meaning “not in my hands”, was made in 1996 in Ankara. He came to Istanbul in 2001. These days, his best friend Yunus Adak composed Eylul. Yonca Evcimik introduced him to Aykut Gürel and so began his professional musical career as a singer. Two solo albums; Eylul (2004), Ask Bitti (2006) and a duet album Maia (2005, feat. Seden Gurel) were produced by Iremrecords. He performed over 130 concerts all over Turkey, Cyprus, and Germany. He also performed the starring role in two TV serials; Ask Oyun (2005–2006) and Iki Yabancı (2007) and Elif (2008) played as lead role in the series.

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September 26, 2021 | 5:10 pm