Unveiling Kazem Seddiqi’s Controversial Friday Prayer: Scandal Exposed


This media storm created by Kazem Seddiqi’s Friday prayer photos brings into sharp focus the controversial leadership of the Iranian Shia scholar. The Imam in charge of Tehran’s Friday Prayer, Seddiqi, is accused of illegally acquiring a high-end property worth $20 million in Tehran.

Leaks indicate that Seddiqi and his sons acquired it through a family company, according to documents disclosed by Yashar Soltani, a whistleblower. Amidst all the denials, ongoing controversies have put Seddiqi’s reputation on trial.

In these khutbahs, criticism has been aimed at various entities, including regional countries that are claimed to support terrorists, US President Barack Obama for imposing sanctions against Iran, and women who wear indecent clothing and cause earthquakes. This led to the global phenomenon “Boobquake Day” in defiance.However, this release also highlights mounting concerns about his leadership ability as well as his ethical practices. As the debates continue, we ask ourselves if religious authority meets political power and responsibility within the complex nature of Iran.

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April 12, 2024 | 9:22 pm