Kashf-e hijab of the TV presenter “Shirin Samadi”

Shirin Samadi is an actress, known for Say That I Am (2011) and Daad (2013). Filmography. Known For. In 1936 Reza Shah banned the veil and encouraged Iranians to adopt European dress in an effort to promote nation-building in a country with many tribal, regional, religious, and class-based variations in clothing. Living outside your home country for any period of time should be a required part of adulting. Experiencing a foreign country like a local builds character, opens up the mind, improves critical thinking and offers once-in-a-lifetime experiences in a way that just isn’t possible within your native borders. My first international stint did not go as planned. I spent 1 year abroad in the Netherlands, because that was as long as their government would allow me to be there. Then I had to return to America and develop a new plan to get back to Europe.

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November 22, 2021 | 5:55 pm