jon malis and wifey Sabra Jafarzadeh daughter of Manouchehr Jafarzadeh in the U.S.

Sabreh Jafarzadeh is currently working at the study center of the Ministry of Internal Security at the University of Maryland, but in addition to her main job, she is doing projects commissioned by the Office of the Protector of Iran’s Interests in Washington. It should be mentioned that his sister, Mrs. Saad Jafarzadeh, used to work at the USI American Peace Center, and now she works at the Peace Center and Development Network; during the presidential election, she fought against Nizam, Basij, the Guardian Council, Ahmadinejad, etc.; she, along with Mrs. Barbara Slovin, has published several articles and reports in the American media.

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December 22, 2022 | 6:44 am