Top 3 Moments from Jacinda Ardern’s Enchanting Vineyard Wedding

Capturing the Essence of Ardern’s Wedding

As the ceremony unfolded in the scenic Hawke’s Bay, the attention to detail and symbolism became apparent. The fitted ivory dress designed by Juliette Hogan for Ardern exuded elegance, fitting seamlessly with the serene surroundings of the vineyard. The choice of a long veil and a chignon up-do hairstyle added a touch of timeless grace to the bride’s ensemble. Not to be outdone, Ardern’s daughter, Neve, wearing a dress made from her grandmother’s wedding dress fabric, contributed to the familial and sentimental atmosphere of the day.

The atmosphere was further enriched by the delectable cuisine, as seen in pictures shared by the bride’s hairdresser, Tane Tomoana. Rolls featuring “paua and snapper” hinted at a celebration that embraced New Zealand’s rich culinary heritage. The choice of Craggy Range Winery as the venue added an additional layer of sophistication to the affair, with its reputation as a popular wedding destination in the region.

Guests and Notable Figures

The guest list included prominent figures from the Labour party, underlining the close-knit community that surrounded Ardern during her political career. Chris Hipkins, who assumed the role of prime minister after Ardern’s resignation, shared in the joyous occasion. Trevor Mallard, now the ambassador to Ireland, and Annette King, the ambassador in Canberra, added diplomatic flair to the gathering.

The officiation by Grant Robertson, a friend and former deputy prime minister, added a personal touch to the ceremony. The presence of these notable figures showcased the enduring connections Ardern maintained even after leaving the political arena.

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January 13, 2024 | 11:40 am