Vladimir Putin’s Luxurious Armoured Train: Exclusive Photos and Revelations

Beyond the gym, a medical suite ensures Putin’s health needs are met during his travels. From anti-ageing machines to a lung ventilator, every aspect of medical care has been meticulously considered. The suite also features a defibrillator and a patient monitor, providing real-time assessment of vital signs.

Perhaps the standout feature is the hammam, complete with a shower boasting an “aroma foam” mode. Its £3.75 million price tag showcases the grandeur and exclusivity of the armoured train. Additionally, other cars within the train offer a lavish dining experience, with plush carpets, curtains, and an art deco-style table.

The armoured train’s maintenance costs since 2014 have amounted to a staggering £12,448,010.75. The secretive nature of the train and its contents has long piqued public interest, making these leaked photos and documents a treasure trove of information.

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July 13, 2023 | 4:08 pm