Images of the romantic gondola ride of Leyla Milani and her husband, Manny Khoshbin, in the historical city of Venice

Images of the romantic gondola ride of Leila Milani, a model and celebrity, and her husband, Manny Khoshbin (a famous collector of expensive cars), on the water canals of the historical city of Venice, Italy. If you’re a fan of exotic sports cars, there’s a good chance Manny Khoshbin is living your wildest dreams. The real estate mogul owns an impressive fleet of cars worth tens of millions of dollars, which he shows off on his Instagram and YouTube accounts. But while you might have seen some of his incredible cars online, you may not know much else about Khoshbin. Read on to learn more about who Manny Khoshbin is and how he made it to where he is today.

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March 30, 2023 | 8:44 pm