2 Iconic Entertainers: The Legacy of Seyyed Karim and Shahnaz Tehrani

Iconic Iranian entertainers Seyyed Karim and Shahnaz Tehrani have left an enduring legacy in the world of Iranian entertainment. Seyyed Karim began his illustrious career in 1970 at the Miami Cabaret in Tehran, later performing at the Shokoufeh Cabaret. Despite the 1979 Iranian Revolution, he remained in Iran until 1982, subsequently spending a year in Dubai, five years in the United States, and eventually settling in England.

Karim was renowned for his self-written jokes, which often pushed boundaries with their sexual content and controversial themes. He fearlessly addressed sensitive topics, criticizing religious, ethnic, racial, and linguistic minorities. His sharp wit spared no one, and he was known for directly naming individuals while highlighting their flaws.

Despite his controversial style, Karim’s financial situation in England has recently deteriorated. He now accepts appearances at small family gatherings to make ends meet. Notably, he performed for participants in the Farayd Shaam competition, invited by the host.

Karim was a multifaceted performer with a talent for singing classical songs and mimicking voices. His impersonations of actors and singers from both pre- and post-revolution eras were so accurate that listeners often couldn’t distinguish his voice from the originals until he interrupted to reveal the impersonation.

In 2013, Karim suffered a stroke, but his heart surgery was successfully performed on November 15, 2013. Shahnaz Tehrani, a fellow entertainer, announced his recovery on Facebook, expressing her joy at his improved health.

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June 23, 2024 | 9:03 am