Unmasking Hypocrisy: 9 Phrases Psychology Reveals Hypocrites Often Use

“I never tell lies”:

This claim of honesty is frequently used by hypocrites as a way of demonstrating that they are honest people who can be trusted. But research indicates that everybody tells lies at some point, even if those are little white lies or big deceptions. Psychologically speaking, hypocrites use this phrase in order to distance themselves from doubtfulness and suspicion that they might be seen involved in dishonesty activities. Their goal through this kind of denial is to make sure their true intentions are not established.

“You know I hate conflicts and gossiping, right?”

However, many hypocritical individuals claim that they dislike conflicts as well as drama; their presence somehow creates them anyway! It acts like a manipulation strategy where some individuals assume they are peacemakers but are actually innocent bystanders only so that you can attract sympathy towards themselves. On psychological grounds, it plays with humans’ natural abhorrence for confrontation and craving for tranquility, leading them to portray themselves as victims, though there is no option left for them apart from acting inappropriately.

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April 16, 2024 | 6:48 pm