Hossein Khajeh Amiri Celebrating his 90th Birthday in the capital

Hossein Khajeh Amiri, more commonly known as Iraj (born 1 January 1933), is a singer. When you plan out a birthday party, the most important thing to keep in mind is location of the party. The venue has to be such that it is convenient for the guests to come. And when it is about celebrating a 90th birthday, the venue has to be easy as the age group of the guests will be an old lot. You can either choose your home or some banquet as per the number of guests you will be inviting. With the on growing trend of party themes, birthday parties are turning out to be a lot more fun. Choosing a theme as per the interests of the guests is a cool job to do.

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January 1, 2022 | 6:06 pm