Hamed Ahangi: Unveiling the Rise of a Multifaceted Iranian Entertainer

Hamed Ahangi: A Multifaceted Journey to Stardom

In recent years, the name of Hamed Ahangi has echoed through the Iranian entertainment scene, with appearances in TV programs such as “Joker,” “Shab Ahangi,” and “TNT.” However, the foundations of Hamed Ahangi’s fame trace back to his debut in the “Khandwane” program as a stand-up comedian. Demonstrating his diverse talents, Ahangi has also carved a path as an actor, starring in films like “Chand Mi Giri Gryeh Keni” and “Iran 68.” His recent prominent role in the “New Camp” series, alongside Leila Otadi, has further cemented his presence in the industry.

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August 13, 2023 | 8:09 pm