Hafez Nazeri: A Renowned Singer and Composer from a Musical Family

3. The Rumi Symphony Project: A Celebration of Rumi’s Legacy

One of Hafez Nazeri’s most ambitious undertakings is the Rumi Symphony Project, which serves as a tribute to the 800th anniversary of the birth of the great poet, Rumi. This monumental project showcases Hafez’s deep passion for Rumi’s poetry and his desire to create a musical masterpiece that transcends cultural boundaries. Collaborating with the renowned Deepak Chopra, who translated Rumi’s poems and provided an introduction to the work, Hafez Nazeri composed a symphony that premiered in Los Angeles. The premiere received a resounding applause with nine standing ovations, demonstrating the profound impact of Hafez’s composition on the audience.

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April 5, 2022 | 5:42 pm