Unveiling Brilliance: 5 Insights from the Meeting of Hadi Khorsandi and Ronak Yonsi


In the vibrant world of Iranian arts, a remarkable encounter recently took place, bringing together two influential figures – Hadi Khorsandi and Ronak Yonsi. The meeting unveiled a blend of wit, talent, and insightful perspectives on their respective journeys.

Hadi Khorsandi: Hadi Khorsandi, born on July 22, 1943, in Fariman, Imperial State of Iran, has been a prominent Iranian poet and satirist. Since the 1979 Iranian Revolution, he has resided in London, serving as the editor and writer of the Persian-language satirical journal Asghar Agha. Known for fearlessly criticizing the Iranian regime, Khorsandi’s work delves into Persian socio-political issues.

Khorsandi’s literary contributions extend to works such as “Tafrih al-Masaael,” “Sheraaneh and Yaad Daasht-haaye Mashkouke Alam,” and “Aayeh-haaye Iraani.” Despite facing death threats in the 1980s, Khorsandi remains committed to expressing his views and has become an influential voice in the Iranian diaspora.

In a unique convergence of artistic minds, Khorsandi’s perspectives met with the world of Iranian cinema through the presence of Ronak Yonsi.

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February 20, 2024 | 6:41 pm