Googoosh Celebrates Koppol Atashin’s 5th Birthday in California: A Heartwarming Rescuedog Affair!


In a star-studded celebration in sunny California, iconic Iranian singer Googoosh took a break from her global musical journey to mark a special milestone – the 5th birthday of her beloved rescue dog, Koppolatashin. The festivities, attended by friends, fans, and fellow pet enthusiasts, were a joyous occasion filled with love and laughter under the California sun.

Koppolatashin, a 5-year-old #rescuedog from South Korea, has become a cherished member of Googoosh’s family. The celebration showcased the deep bond between Googoosh and her furry companion, emphasizing the importance of animal welfare and adoption.

Googoosh, born Faiqa Atashin, is not only a legendary figure in Iranian pop music but also a passionate advocate for causes close to her heart. The intimate gathering reflected her love for animals, particularly rescue dogs, and her commitment to giving them a loving home.

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December 27, 2023 | 2:55 pm