Golnaz Hosseini’s Transformation: Navigating Departure, Divorce, and Embracing Opportunity in 2024


At the crossroads of Golnaz Hosseini’s career, her departure from Manoto TV takes center stage. The versatile presenter, known for her performances as a DJ, dancer, and actor, recently disclosed the reasons behind her resignation. In a virtual post, she candidly discussed the network’s shift towards prioritizing political news over entertainment programs, a decision that led to her departure.

Golnaz, originally from Isfahan, embarked on a journey that traversed Yazd, Tehran, and eventually London. Her mischievous childhood in Isfahan, marked by school expulsions and playful tattooing for friends, set the stage for a determined and resilient personality. The move to London for educational pursuits opened doors to acting and, eventually, her prominent role as a Manoto TV presenter.

Amidst her professional achievements, Golnaz’s personal life came into the spotlight with the revelation of her divorce from Pedram Pourkiai. Despite the separation, she expressed gratitude for her past and affirmed her commitment to continued growth.

Golnaz’s husband, Pedram Pourkiai, a journalist with a focus on global news, migrated to England alongside her. While some attribute his success to Golnaz’s fame, Pedram has carved his own niche as a respected journalist.

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January 2, 2024 | 8:25 pm