Ghazal Ranjkesh : The day we have to see is very close

Today is the day of saying goodbye to the last remnants of Cheshma… Burnt eyelashes with only a few strands left, a small part of my eyelid that was connected to me with plastic surgery, a cornea that is still not in place with forty stitches, and medical lenses! This is all that is left of my eyes. And tomorrow they have to be drained of blood for the artificial eye that is going to take their place. Maybe every person would be happy that he is going to regain his beauty. But today, I have a big grudge in my whole being. It is true that she had no vision, she could not feel the light, and she had lost her beauty. Or even when I went in front of the mirror, I would open my eyelids and eyes with my hand to see inside: I would see a cornea full of stitches and torn in the middle of a sea of blood, and I would call it whatever it was and say, “Don’t look at me so unkindly; you are always full of love.” Budi, he didn’t look again; I loved him again Again, I was going to be honest, like always, and thank God that something was left of him, even though he was wounded and blind…

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January 12, 2023 | 10:35 pm