Georgetown University meeting; The attendees emphasized the necessity of overthrowing the regime

Prince Reza Pahlavi answered the question, “What is the most important thing he has learned in the last forty years?” He said that democracy manifests itself in the long term and survives. According to him, there is no concern about the future of Iranians because they will find their own way. Nazanin Fanadi also said that she hopes that an alliance will be formed on both sides of the Pacific Ocean and that all European, American, and Canadian governments will reach a strategy for democracy and secularism in harmony with each other, relying on the voice that comes from inside. Ms. Fanadi said that the increase in oil sales to China means financing repression. He called for maximum pressure to isolate and close these funding channels. In response to a question about the leadership of the revolution from abroad, Hamed Esmailiyoun said: “The 80s want to subvert all the ruling norms.” Another point of view may be that he wants to change the Islamic Republic at the least possible cost. Another point of view, like my generation, may be worried about anarchy, tyranny, division, and the like. We need to address these concerns. This is what non-violence movements are for. I express my happiness about the release of Dr. Farhad Maithami, “someone who worked on non-violent movements.”

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February 11, 2023 | 4:23 am