Unlocking Safety Secrets: Why Flight Crews Use the Bracing Position


Why do flight attendants use bizarre sitting stances when the plane is taking off or landing? In a TikTok video that has elicited curiosity among netizens, one Philippine Cebu Pacific Airline air hostess called Honey Lim expounded on this strange practice she and her colleagues seem to adopt.

Lim describes the position as the “Bracing Position” of fastening seat belts, reclining backrests, sitting upright, hands under the thighs with joined thumbs while arms hang easy and feet flat on the floor. So what’s behind this unusual posture?

This bracing position primarily aims to prevent physical damage resulting from an unforeseen emergency. Our bodies in a fixed and stable mode will greatly minimize a crash or sudden jolting impact. The excessive movement will also be limited, reducing risks that may arise during critical phases of flight.

On the other side, passengers might assume that flight attendants are just sitting quietly in the cabin; they are silently thinking about what would occur at takeoff or landing time for emergencies. For example, they must know where emergency equipment is located, rehearse opening doors, and be attentive to any visual signals from outside aircraft.

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April 2, 2024 | 5:41 pm