Fans cheer at tribune ahead of the friendly at Azadi Stadium

The national football team lined up against the Kenyan national team in a friendly match today (Tuesday) at 20:30 and won 2-1. The stars of Harambee, who had not played for about a year and five months, scored a goal in the 51st minute thanks to Michael Olonga’s brilliance and came close to victory. However, the goals scored by Mohammad Mohebi and Ramin Rezaiyan in the 76th and 84th minutes caused Amir Ghalenoui to taste victory for the first time during his second period as head coach at the national level. Today, the teams of Australia, South Korea, and Japan were defeated, and it can be said that Iran won on the black day of the Asian teams.

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March 28, 2023 | 11:04 pm