Elnaz Golrokh: The Inspirational Journey of a Model and Influencer

Elnaz Golrokh is a prominent Iranian model, makeup artist, and social media influencer. Born on February 11, 1986, in Tehran, Iran, Elnaz has two younger sisters. She graduated from Allameh Amini University of Tehran with a degree in graphics and developed a keen interest in hairdressing, honing her skills in that field.

Where does Elnaz Golrokh live?

Elnaz Golrokh lived in Dubai, UAE, for several years before relocating to California, USA. Her career began with hairdressing and modeling, and she eventually gained significant recognition on social media platforms, particularly Instagram.

Biography of Elnaz Golrokh, an Iranian Model

Elnaz Golrokh began her journey on Instagram in 2013, sharing simple, mobile phone-taken photos. As she gained more experience, she started collaborating with Celebrity Photography Studio, leading to more professional photos. Her career as a model took off when she started working with a celebrity boutique in Tandis shopping center, owned by Hamid Fadaei.

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June 12, 2024 | 7:13 pm