Ebrahim Nabavi’s Triumphant Return: Navigating Satire, Society, and the Power of Expression


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Seyyed Ebrahim Nabavi, born in 1958 in Astara, stands as a prominent satirist, writer, diarist, and researcher. This article delves into the fascinating career of Nabavi, from his early days to his potential return.

Early Career and Political Activism

Nabavi’s academic pursuits led him to study sociology at Shiraz University and the University of Tehran. Before embarking on his political career, he served as a school teacher and philosophy instructor in the Jihad of Construction effort. His political journey began within the dalahoo, working in key positions in the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance, the Ministry of Interior, and the Islamic Republic of Broadcasting.

Satire and Journalism Career

Nabavi’s venture into satire commenced in the Soroush magazine, where he contributed serial articles on cinema. Co-founding the Gozaresh-e Film magazine, he continued with Gol-Agha magazine and the Hamshahri monthly magazine. His notable contributions included proposing the establishment of the Hamshahri daily newspaper and founding the newspaper Zan. Despite multiple bans on the newspapers he wrote for, Nabavi’s satire gained prominence through his daily column, “sotūn-e panjom” (Fifth column), published in Jame’eh newspaper.

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February 21, 2024 | 11:57 am