Revolutionizing Rural Living: Unveiling the Award-Winning ‘Earthen House’ Transformation


At the heart of Qahdarijan, the award-winning “Earthen House” stands as a testament to innovative architecture. In the recently concluded national Architect Award, this rural gem emerged victorious, showcasing a perfect harmony between modern urban living and the serenity of a rural environment.

Crafted from soil excavated during the creation of a nearby pool, the “Earthen House” beautifully marries tradition with contemporary design. The soil transforms into clay, molded layer by layer to construct walls that are not only nostalgic and traditional but also practical. The use of soil, a rare natural insulator, ensures optimal temperature regulation, durability, and a fireproof environment, while fostering a deep connection with nature for its residents.

The architectural brilliance extends to the design elements, featuring thatched roofs that play with light and shadow on sunny days. Large glass entrances, reminiscent of modern architecture, provide a futuristic touch within the rural surroundings. This is a future where simplicity reigns supreme – a perfect balance of moderation, proportionality, and serenity.

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February 24, 2024 | 10:04 pm