Dr. Chelbianlu wrote wifey by publishing these photos; happy birthday my best friend

Sini works in the field of clothing design and is known as a professional clothing designer in the virtual space and fashion industries. She is currently working professionally in the field of wedding dress design and has recently opened her own bridal showroom alongside the casual line. Anashid has been introduced as the best clothing designer in this field due to his special and unique designs. The brand registered by Ishan is Hiba, which is currently working in the department store Utopia, located on Fereshte St., under the direction of Anashid Hosseini, in the field of producing and selling casual clothes and wedding dresses. His dentist is Dr. Amin Reza Chalabianlou, a surgeon, dentist, and movie producer. The news of their engagement has recently been published, but the truth of this news has not been confirmed by the parties.

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January 25, 2023 | 10:34 pm