Cigarettes and earrings are the new entertainments of the singer, Sirvan Khosravi

After gaining success with his album Sa’ate 9 with hits such as “Emrooz Mikham Behet Begam” (today, I want to tell you), “Zendegi Hamin Emrooze” (life is just today), and “Delam Gerefte” (I’m Feeling Blue), he started to work on his next album, Jaddeie Royaha (Road of Dreams), which was again a success. But after releasing some “highly energetic” singles, he rose to national fame, started his tour, and managed to gain the media’s and the audience’s attention. He continued playing at concerts in major cities in Iran, and before his unplugged album, he released some high-quality music videos that his fans responded well to.

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April 23, 2023 | 4:41 pm