Manoto: Celebrating 13 Years of Cultural Connection and Entertainment


In 2009, Salome penned the opening chapter of our Christmas festivities, marking the inception of a tradition that has woven together thirteen years of shared memories, growth, and building. As we reminisce through the cherished moments captured in the photos of our Christmas party in 1402, the sentiment of gratitude and nostalgia fills our hearts.

The journey we embarked upon, living and growing together, has been nothing short of extraordinary. Thirteen years stand testament to the bonds we’ve nurtured and the life we’ve built collectively. While we hope for more shared moments in the future, there’s a deep certainty that these years will forever remain etched as the best years of our lives.

As we celebrate this milestone, it’s heartening to acknowledge the significance of Manoto, the international Persian entertainment channel that has become an integral part of our lives. Launched in October 2010 by the visionary couple Kayvan and Marjan Abbassi, Manoto, translating to ‘You and I,’ has been a source of diverse entertainment, offering documentaries, films, series, news, and reports.

At the heart of global Persian entertainment stands “Manoto,” a channel that has seamlessly woven itself into the cultural fabric of Persian speakers worldwide. As we celebrate thirteen years of shared experiences with Salome, it’s an opportune moment to unravel the multifaceted journey of Manoto – a beacon of cultural excellence and entertainment.

Founded by the visionary couple Kayvan and Marjan Abbassi, Manoto emerged in 2010 as an international free-to-air Persian language channel based in London. With its diverse programming encompassing documentaries, films, series, news, and reports, Manoto goes beyond mere entertainment; it serves as a cultural bridge, connecting Persian-speaking communities across continents.

The funding model of Manoto, reportedly sourced from venture capitalists, has sparked speculation about its political inclinations. While a 2011 report hinted at the channel’s potential ties to Iran’s ousted monarchy, Kayvan and Marjan Abbassi, the enigmatic founders, have chosen to remain silent, letting the content speak for itself.

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December 19, 2023 | 8:48 pm