Ebrahim Nabavi’s Triumphant Return: Navigating Satire, Society, and the Power of Expression

Introduction In the ever-evolving landscape of beauty and fashion, the pursuit of timeless allure is a journey fraught with choices. … Continue reading ➝

Qassem Soleimani Unveiled: Controversial ‘Be Qadqamat Yaran’ Symphony Sparks Debate

In a grand ceremony, the captivating “Be Qadqamat Yaran” symphony unfolded, offering a monumental artistic tribute to the indomitable spirit … Continue reading ➝

Unlock the Power of Positive Parenting: 6 Solutions for Addressing Dangerous Child Behavior

Introduction Embarking on the journey of positive parenting involves addressing dangerous child behavior for a harmonious family life. In this … Continue reading ➝

The young people who were sentenced to death in the courts of oppression and oppression of the Islamic Republic! Series A

Mapin of Baloch activists announced on Thursday, the 10th of Azar, that Muharebeh had been issued for Mohammad and Ali … Continue reading ➝

Who were the executioners of Majidreza Rahnavard in Mashhad?

Majidreza Rahnavard (died 12 December 2022) was a man notable for being the second person executed by Iran directly for … Continue reading ➝

Z. Amir Ebrahimi, M. Bajestani and A. Abbasi from HOLY SPIDER, enchant the red carpet at European Film Awards in Reykjavik

Holy Spider is a 2022 internationally co-produced Persian-language crime thriller film directed by Ali Abbasi. Based on the true story … Continue reading ➝

Former Queen “Farah Pahlavi” visiting family and friends in Paris

Farah Pahlavi (born 14 October 1938) is the widow of the last Shah, Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, and was successively Queen … Continue reading ➝

Design Mistakes Owners of Small Apartments Often Make

There’s no denying that designing small apartments can be tricky. When you’re dealing with limited square footage, you do have … Continue reading ➝

Myths About History We Believe to Be True Thanks to Movies

How many films set in the medieval era can you think of where there was an old wise character? Well, … Continue reading ➝

The TV Presenter and actress “Fakhri Khorvash” in the U.S.

Regardless of where you’ve moving in the world, get all your adult vaccines up to date. People mistakenly think that … Continue reading ➝

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