Joe Biden’s Luxury Gifts for the Taliban fighters

  Biden administration admitted “We don’t have a complete picture, obviously, of where every article of defense materials has gone … Continue reading ➝

Kabul skydiving club’ t-shirts mocking the refugees

  Sick new T-shirts mocking the Afghan refugees who plummeted to their deaths from a US Air Force jet while … Continue reading ➝

Vanity Fair’s Portraits of Royalty

  The photographer, Mario Testino, had been asked for a portrait, little suspecting that this famously enigmatic creature was ready … Continue reading ➝

Actors With Their Body Doubles That Will Make You Do A Double Take

  A stuntman typically performs stunts intended for use in a film or dramatized television. Stunts seen in films and … Continue reading ➝

Ta’ziya at Female Prison in Homeland

  Taʿziya khānī is a religious play based on historical, tragic and epic events of Karbala and the martyrdom of … Continue reading ➝

Altair Jarabo celebrates her wedding in Paris surrounded by several Mexican friends

  To be fair, there seems to be some truth to the famous Canadian politeness or at least they tend … Continue reading ➝

Reza Rooygari Photos after retirement

  Reza Rooygari ( born December 27, 1946) is a singer, painter, television, theater and cinema actor. he is known … Continue reading ➝

Son of Ahmad Shah Massoud “Ahmad Massoud” in the Picture

  Ahmad Massoud (born 10 July 1989) is an Afghan politician, the son of anti-Soviet military leader Ahmad Shah Massoud. … Continue reading ➝

Susan Roshan and friends in a party

  Susan Roshan (born 23 September 1967) is a singer, who currently lives in California United States. After the Revolution, … Continue reading ➝

Fugitive President Afghanistan Ashraf Ghani’ daughter in New York

  Mariam Ghani was born in 1978 in Brooklyn, New York, of Afghan and Lebanese descent. Her father, Mohammad Ashraf … Continue reading ➝

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