Biography of Lili Golestan, daughter of Ibrahim Golestan, writer and translator

In my opinion, life together should be balanced. Both should work hard, and both should enjoy life and its moments. Tolerating cohabitation is worse than cheating. Tolerating a disorderly situation is not a good thing. You were not born to suffer, endure, and continue every moment. This is an insult to life. You should be satisfied and enjoy your life, which is God’s gift, and try to make it better. When you are constantly enduring, you cannot be thankful anymore, and this is not true at all. Today’s woman should be a woman who has a vote, has an opinion, and is free. She must be a resourceful, active, inquisitive, and curious woman. He should strive for a better life and more culture. He should be a manager. Be a solution-maker and problem solver. Unfortunately, maybe five percent of our girls are like this, and the rest are waiting! and this is unfortunate.

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January 22, 2023 | 9:07 pm