Behind the scenes of music production for the movie”Atabai”

But I’ve been learning that it needs to have a story – even if it’s a simple one! People will connect much better with your film that way. For example, for the Texas Trek video I helped put together, we decided to go with the simple flow of waking up, packing, driving/flying, arriving, the event (somewhat in order of when things happened), then ending with similar shots to the beginning to tie it all together. So, there’s two kinds of interviews I like to do. One is the on-set, in-the-moment interview. The pros to this is that you capture the feeling, emotion, and action right there as it’s happening. The thing to be careful of is not bothering the person you’re interviewing – ask them before you start rolling if it’s okay you ask them a few questions, and just be aware of moments that are stressful or emotional that may not be the right time to be filming.

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December 3, 2021 | 10:25 pm