Beating Shakira and hiding Pike’s secret relationship with Clara from her mother!

Beating Shakira and hiding Pique’s secret relationship with Clara from her mother! According to Hola magazine, sources close to Shakira and Pique claimed that Pique’s mother played a significant role in the couple’s separation. According to these sources, Dr. Montserrat Bernabeu, a researcher and neurologist in the fields of neurology, physical medicine, and rehabilitation (Pike’s mother), repeatedly insulted and physically abused Shakira in front of Pike and her sons: “When the relationship between Clara and Pike started, they used to spend time together, and Shakira knew about this relationship. Nasheh went to the villa that belongs to Pique’s parents in Spain, and when Shakira found out about Pique’s betrayal, she mistakenly cried on the shoulders of someone who had tried hard to hide this relationship (meaning, Pique’s mother).

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March 28, 2023 | 7:57 pm