Qassem Soleimani Unveiled: Controversial ‘Be Qadqamat Yaran’ Symphony Sparks Debate

In a grand ceremony, the captivating “Be Qadqamat Yaran” symphony unfolded, offering a monumental artistic tribute to the indomitable spirit of Martyr Qassem Soleimani. The event, which took place on Tuesday evening (January 12, 1402), was graced by the distinguished presence of notable officials, adding a layer of significance to the symphony’s unveiling. Among the esteemed guests were Mohammed Mahdi Esmaili, the Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance, Syed Mohammad Hashemi, Deputy Minister of Culture, Syed Mahmoud Eslami, Deputy Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance, Yasser Ahmadvand, Deputy Minister of Cultural Affairs, Mohammed Khazaei, President of the Cinema Organization, Mahmoud Salari, Deputy Minister of Culture’s Arts Affairs, Farshad Mehdipour, Deputy Minister of Media and Publicity Affairs of Culture, and Alireza Maaf, Deputy Minister of Culture and Qur’an.

The venue, Unity Hall, witnessed a convergence of individuals from various walks of life, reflecting the universal appeal and importance of the occasion. As the evening unfolded, emotions were palpable, and the atmosphere was charged with anticipation. The symphony’s power lay not only in its artistic prowess but also in its ability to bring together a diverse audience, uniting them in a shared experience.

The journey into this cultural spectacle began with a stroll from Elkhebal Street toward Hafez Street, leading to the radiant Vahdat Hall. The hall, like a jewel, emanated a sense of grandeur and cultural richness. Upon entering, the absence of ticket sales hinted at the communal nature of the event. The lobby, a microcosm of society, teemed with people from various backgrounds, each anticipating an evening that promised to be both enchanting and emotionally resonant.

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January 4, 2024 | 8:12 pm