Unlock 3 of Baran Kosari’s Most Bizarre and Unique Moments


Baran Kosari is a Persian actress who’s known for her intense performances in films. Her talent and personal life have been on display for fans to see, but she wanted to share more with them. In this article, we’ll get an extended look at Baran when she’s not wearing a hijab and how she interacts with people.

A little background Born on September 16, 1985, in Tehran, Iran. She is the child of two filmmakers, Jahangir Kosari and Rakhshan Banietemad. It was only natural that Baran would venture down this path as well. In 1991, her debut film “The Best Papa of the World” was released for public consumption, and it was there that audiences got their first taste of what she brings to the table.

Life Beyond Acting Although people tend to focus on her day job, she enjoys showing people her other talents via videos on social media platforms. She’s very popular amongst fans for being the character they see on screen without a hijab as well.

Is there anything else she does? Of course! She serves as an ambassador at the Swedish Charity Association in Iran, where she helps out underprivileged kids by making sure they are provided with things like food and education.

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March 22, 2024 | 8:32 pm