Bahareh Ardakani: Visionary Fashion Designer Unveiling 10 Infinite Dimensions in Couture

Bahareh Ardakani: Visionary Fashion Designer Unveiling Infinite Dimensions in Couture

Bahareh Ardakani, the visionary fashion designer behind the renowned brand ArdAzAei, marks her groundbreaking debut on La Fédération de la Haute Couture et de la Mode (FHCM) official Haute Couture calendar with Calabi–Yau: The Hidden Dimensions. This extraordinary collection of 25 looks merges science fiction with the physics of fabrication. Guided by a sequence of mathematically generated infinite loops, the designs unfold like petals bursting over sculptural silhouettes. The oscillating loom of superstrings, foundational to the theory’s ten dimensions, is expressed through intricate pleating and bespoke embroidery.

“Geometry and mathematics have inspired me since the inception of ArdAzAei for their ability to reveal the rhythms of nature. This collection is based on the curiosity of how different materials with different properties can be manipulated to create the optics of geometry in motion,” says Bahareh Ardakani. The collection takes its title from the Calabi–Yau manifolds, a visualization of how the multiple dimensions of string theory relate to each other. When laid flat, these visualizations resemble flower petals; when folded together, they form a series of infinite loops. “It’s about the idea of the universe being folded, and the vibrating strings of fibers that form the scaffolding of each piece.”

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June 29, 2024 | 5:25 pm