Azita Arbab: Daughter of the Ex-Famous Dancer Jamileh Visits the Capital – 10 Fascinating Facts

A Family Legacy: Azita Arbab Carries Forward the Torch

Fatemeh Sadeghi, widely known as Jamileh, is a celebrated actress, cabaret performer, and dancer who gained fame for popularizing the belly dance in Iran. With a career spanning the 1960s and 1970s, Jamileh became one of the highest-paid cabaret actors of her time. She captivated audiences with her self-taught style of Bollywood dance, which she predominantly showcased in traditional cafés and theaters.

Jamileh’s journey to stardom included two marriages that significantly influenced her career. Her first marriage was to J.R., a singer in the ruhowzi genre of musical comedy. Later, she married Mohammad Arbâb, the owner of the renowned Bakara-Mulan Ruzh cabaret. Even after her marriage to Arbâb, Jamileh continued to dance and perform in various cabarets, including Arbâb’s Bakara-Mulan Ruzh and her own establishment, Lidu. Their partnership lasted until Arbâb’s untimely passing in 1973.

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August 16, 2022 | 9:18 pm