Attila Pesiani’s memorial service (coinciding with her 66th birthday) at the artists’ house

Then he mentioned his two film experiences with Atila Pesiani and mentioned him as one of the important figures in theater. Prastowi stated: The leaders of the country should kiss the hands of the artists who worked sincerely and honestly for the people and stood firmly by the people. I hope that one day people’s conditions will improve so that we can work too. Art is not our job because we do not work at any cost. After these words, pictures of Attila Pesiani’s different ages and his roles were shown. He emphasized that the role of Attila in theater is very important. Attila played a role in Iranian theater by accepting each other regardless of their looks. Chermshir went on to mention the humorous sentence “Yeh jai kar mi langakh” by Pesiani, which he used to say whenever someone complimented his work. Then Bahram Radan also said about Pesiani: I know someone whose appearance and interior are the same. I have had the honor of his cooperation and friendship for the past 23 years. I hope you will be happy and healthy with your family for many years. Happy birthday, dear Attila.

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April 30, 2023 | 6:52 pm